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I know that I've said before that Ikea and I have had disagreements in the past and that I was pretty sure our relationship was over. However, I received the new catalog with the paper today and I'm beyond giddy. I'm in the middle of mentally redecorating the entire house while shushing my mother's complaints of, “But it's too contemporary!” Yeah, that and the fact that we have no money for such frivolity.

I picked up my prescription yesterday and I was way too excited about it. I'm quitting the Pill and going on the Patch. The IUD proved to be just a little too expensive at this juncture. But I am just too frazzled to deal with the daily appointment of the Pill. I needed a more low-maintenance form of Baby Repellant and this will do just fine for now.

I didn't get any of the food that I was craving yesterday so that kind of sucked. But the boyfriend and I spent a lovely evening together. Lovely.
Also, I managed to catch a repeat of Real Time with Bill Maher last night and see Janeane Garofalo's new look that the boyfriend had told me about. Very blonde, which isn't that shocking, and very skinny. She was wearing a big tshirt but the sleeves were cut off, so I could see that her arms were much tinier than they've ever been. What's going on, Janeane? I wonder if it's her sobriety. Beer does make one pudgy. But still….

I think we're going to try to go swimming today. The baby has a rather large supply of those swimming diapers and I want to use them up.

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