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Today, I've had to wrestle a computer virus to the ground, attempt to type with a huge fucking band aid on my thumb that's covering a cut that I gave myself with my own fingernail, deal with a very annoying offspring (I don't know what his problem is), and attempt to drown out the white trash family's children who are just screaming at each other in between fistfights. The screaming is only interrupted by their drunk grandmother who comes out every two hours to tell them to “Shut the fuck up.” Oh, but only a few more days of this. They've been evicted since they haven't paid their rent in three months. Lovely. I'm also fretting because my driving test is tomorrow and no one loves me enough to take me parallel parking. I also applied for a job a week ago and am still waiting to hear something. AUGH!
For good measure, I also hate my clothes and my hair.

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