I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

I Read A Lot of Internets

and now a goofy survey to make me feel better

I stole this from .

I get the feeling that the people who write these have some serious issues. Any psychology majors on here? Is there any correlation between writing these surveys and issues of the authors?

+Boyfriend's name: The boyfriend
+Age: 23
+livejournal user name: Aside from the Talking Points Memo, he thinks blogs are strange…so, none.
+How long have you been together? Two years, nine months, four days
+How long did you know each other before you got together?: We met in high school back in 1995, although I don't remember him from this time period. We became friends a year and some change before we started dating.
+Eye color: brown
+Hair color: brown
+How serious is it?: We live together and have a son, but we act like 6-year-olds, so not very. ;-p
+Do your parents like him?: They had barely met him when I got pregnant, so then they kind of hated him for awhile. Now they really like him.
+Do you trust him?: Yes. I have bouts of paranoia, which I tell him about. Then we have good conversation and my faith is restored.
+Would you share a toothbrush with him?: I kept using his toothbrush in Conneaut. Whenever he saw me brushing my teeth with it, he would wrinkle up his nose and say, “That's gross.” I couldn't figure that out. It's not like we don't exchange bodily fluids on a regular basis. I don't have any qualms about him using mine, though. I'm sure that's some sort of metaphor for how dysfunctional and inegalitarian our relationship is, but oh well.
+Does he let you wear his pants?: I wore a pair of his pants when I was pregnant but it was kind of silly. He's quite taller than me and has maintained his “pregnancy weight.” I mean, he would let me, but I have no desire to.
+Do you have a shirt of his to sleep in that smells like him?: I have several shirts of his that I sleep in, but they don't have a particular scent…except maybe Cheer with Color Guard.
+Can you picture having kids with him?: Um, well, yeah. We have a son.
+how many kids?: We're good with just the one. Would I have more kids with him? Yes. I just don't want any more at this point in life, period.
+What do you like the most about him?: He's sweet to me, he's an excellent father, and very loyal.
+What bothers you the most about him?: He can be a big baby. Also, his less-than-healthy diet. I'm working on him about that, though.
+Does he have a temper?: Yeah. He gets highly irritated over little things. Then I get irritated with him for being irritated, then we start bickering. The key is to just ignore him when he gets like that.
+What is the best present he has ever given you?: On a purely material level, my Archos Multimedia Jukebox and tickets to the Maxwell concert. On a more lovey-dovey level, he gave me my adorable little family.
+Does he have a cute nickname for you?: He's the one that started calling me Kdiddy. He also used to call me kbdst3, which was my Pitt email address. What a dork.
+Are you happy to be with him: Very. We've been through a lot, and I'm not going to lie and say that I've never had any doubts. But I just know that we're going to be together for a very long time, and that makes me very happy.
+Do you think you could do better?: No. Oh, sure, I could find someone with better career prospects, more money, etc, etc, but when you get right down to it, what does all of that matter?
+What's their most attractive feature?: He has the best smile.
+Does he smoke, drink, or do drugs?: No smoking, no drugs, and only the occasional drink.
+Does he have any piercings/tattoos?: No tattoos, he has his ears pierced and used to have a bunch of other things pierced. They've all closed now, though.
+Is he a party guy or homebody?: He goes out pretty regularly, but is never very raucous. He's usually just as happy to sit at home, though.
+what are foods he hates?: Ohhhh, he's pretty picky. To name a few, salad, meatloaf, most condiments, most vegetables…
+how long did it take for you to like him?: Well, all together, I suppose five years.

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