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oh, man

Thanks everyone for the encouragment yesterday. I'm feeling much better.
Unfortunately, my son is not. I'm not sure what's wrong with him, since he's not exactly sick, per se. He's just a little…off. He had a touch of fever yesterday but baby Tylenol took care of that. A little bit of diarrhea today but no other yucky bodily fluids. He's just been really tired and not eating. He's napping now and I have to go the highly neglected laundry. I hope he's better tomorrow. I HATE when my kiddo is sick.

In happier news, I attended the Gay Talent Show last night at Images. It was a hoot. I'm definitely attracted to gay men in hot pants. There's something wrong with me. I'm going to be writing something about it for Pulp, so that should provide some interesting interviews.

Alright, off to be Suzy Homemaker.

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