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Oh, baby

He's still sick. I can't figure out what the deal is. His fever comes and goes. He's on his second nap today and this morning I discovered this gross bump on his finger. I called the doctor because I thought that it might be a bug bite that could have gotten infected, hence the fever. They told me to bring him in. The doctor said that the bite was actually some kind of blister or sore, and he wasn't sure how the baby got it. He checked the baby's feet and mouth for other sores to see if he had Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease but not so. His conclusion was that he's just fighting off some bug.
Poor kiddo.
Besides the laundry, I didn't get any work done yesterday or today. I'm all distracted. There's also the fact that they've progressed to the wrecking ball to do the demolition down the street, so now I have this eerie feeling that I'm in Jurassic Park. Every couple of seconds I hear a huge, distant boom and the whole house vibrates a bit.

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