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Long day. The baby was being very finicky and difficult. I got little to nothing done. The only workish thing that I accomplished was going to to Pulp to pick up a press kit and some tickets for the N*E*R*D show in September.
came over for a little while in the afternoon and we indulged in lattes at Crazy Mocha while I left the boyfriend home with the baby. He, of course, being SuperDad, got the baby to go down for a nap. Ergh. That's alright, though. The baby's still being a little brat about eating and I don't feel like dealing with it anymore. It's so frustrating.
Cara and I had good conversation, though. Unfortunately she was a little under the weather and left to go take a nap.
Now I'm just very very tired and don't feel like doing anything. But I need to go clean up the kitchen. whine.

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