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Tom Waits and iceberg lettuce

I was in the kitchen fixing salad for me to eat and for the baby to throw on the floor, when all of a sudden I started singing “I Hope that I Don't Fall in Love with You.” Weird.

I am officially done with the intersection of Penn and Main. Too many crackheads. Today when I was waiting to cross, one of the neighborhood drunks decided to cross before the light turned green, but took his goddamned time crossing. I watched his bowed legs stagger to the other side while a queue of about 10 cars waited to turn, honking their horns and giving birth to midday road rage. Since all of my trust in the ettiquette and non-murderous ways of motorists has been all but erased, I let the cars turn before I scurried the rest of the way across. However, the last car in line decided to inexplicably stop mid-turn and look around while I waited, stranded in the middle of the crosswalk. I generally get offended by derogatory statements about women drivers but I'm beginning to see a pattern. Ladies! Quit making us look bad! Get your head out of the clouds and drive properly!

I have hausfrau crap to do.

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