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One of the baby's toys has gone absolutely berserk. It's this musical thing that hangs in his crib and when you spin this little bar it lights up and plays one of several notoriously stimulating tunes. For awhile, the main way that the baby would let me know that he was awake was by playing “Fur Elise” or “Where is Thumbkin?” I was in the bathroom a little while ago and he was in his crib, goofing off. I heard him spinning the bar quite rapidly and then a bizarre noise started coming from his room. It sounded like a game of Tetris and a robot were having a battle royal. I was a little concerned, especially when I tried to turn the toy off and it just kept on bleeping, blooping and blurting. The only way I could get it to stop was to unscrew the battery compartment and taking out one of the batteries. Scary. So if my Pittsburgh friends could just keep that in mind and check on me in a few days if you don't hear from any of us that would be great. Hopefully you won't find all of us devoured by the Evil Fisher-Price Monster.
It is an absolutely perfect day today. There isn't a cloud in the sky and it's a cool, dry 74 degrees. I have to do some work, but hopefully the baby and I will be able to take a walk in a little bit.

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