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Well, I've had kind of a full weekend so far. Yesterday afternoon, Stacey called me and invited me out to the Irish Festival. The boyfriend was going to be geeking it out over filter chips and synthesizers with Shawn, so I had to fenangle (?) some babysitting situation with my mom. I was just going to take the baby with me, but my mom insisted that it was an inappropriate place for babies. (She was overreacting, but whatever.) Stacey brought me my graduation present, which was one of my graduation announcements matted and framed with this blue and gold embroidery of a diploma around it. Her grandmother did the embroidery and it's very pretty. I was touched. Stacey graduated from massage school in July, so I figure on this schedule I don't have to give her a present until December. ;-p
My mom and I had a small argument over my clothing (the shirt I was wearing was wrinkled and I, not surprisingly, didn't care), so by the time Stacey and I pulled into Station Square I was ready for libations. I was also starving and in the mood for potatoes, which was good since we were at the Irish Festival. We got some shepherd's pie, which hit the spot but was a little too salty and the mashed potatoes that they scooped on top were instant. Ick. We each had three pints of Guinness, so between that and the shepherd's pie I wasn't hungry again until this afternoon. Anyway, the festival was fun enough. The crowd wasn't too annoying. My favorite person was this rather old gentleman who was wearing a rather old Pogues tshirt. It really made me want to listen to some Pogues, but instead I listened to the hipster Irish bands that were playing. The one guy who received a scowl for the evening was the dad who put his 8-year-old son into a headlock and practically threw him onto the ground for running off with his little sister's umbrella stroller. I thought he overreacted just a tad, and he looked like a total dick for doing it, especially since he was wearing a bright green glowstick around his neck.
I walked around all of the vendors, wishing that I had a little more money so that I could buy some tshirts and tchotchkes. One vendor was selling some of those “Irish Princess” shirts, which I kind of wanted. While walking around, I saw one on a guy who was, unless I'm really off here, quite gay. I cursed him for being so clever. I did buy raffle tickets for me, my mom, the baby, the boyfriend, and my grandparents. The grand prize is a trip for two to Ireland. That would be nice.
When I got home I waited for the boyfriend to get there. We were planning on going to Sauce to hear play records. called me from the bathroom at Ray's, giggling inchoherently and asking me when I would be coming down. I promised that I would be there momentarily. Of course, about ten minutes after getting off of the phone, I was passed out and drooling onto my pillow. So, sorry guys. Hope you don't hate me. :-/
Today the boyfriend and I went on a long-awaited trip to Kennywood. I hadn't been there in almost four years, and have been itching to go back. But everyone I know had been being a punk about it. But my mom scored us some Ride-All-Day tickets through her work.
When we were getting ready to leave I was feeling bad about leaving the baby. I told him that next year he would be big enough to at least hang out in Kiddieland. When he saw that we were getting ready to go somewhere, he walked into the dining room and tried to pick up his carseat. My heart audibly broke, for it was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. Then he went into the kitchen, saying, “Shoes on, shoes on.” He wanted to go with us so bad! I thought I was going to cry for cuteness. But, really, it was good for the boyfriend and I to get away and have a day for just us. We were starving when we got there and headed straight for the Potato Patch for some fries (hmm, more potatoes…could I be more of a stereotype?). Now, the boyfriend can be quite the eater when he wants to be, but sometimes I don't realize just how much he can eat. He ordered two servings of fries, so I expected one of those to be for me. I was wrong. The boyfriend suggested that I order one for myself, since he needed two for just him. Turns out that I was hungrier than I thought. I wolfed down almost an entire order just by myself. Piggy pig.
We made a pretty good circulation of all of the rides. I was proud of my stomach for not getting sick even though I hadn't been on roller coasters in so long. We did a lot of walking around, holding hands and talking. It felt so good. We did plenty of people-watching, too, of course. One of a group of kids behind us in line for one of the rides had the funniest phrase of the week: “Remember at Ozzfest when I wore my Korn tshirt as a cape?” stab. stab. stab.
The music situation was kind of odd, too. Over the main soundsystem, the usual mix of top 40 stuff was being played. But every once in awhile, a really good 80s/early 90s song would come on. I think within one hour I heard Christina Aguilera, followed by “Just Like Heaven” by the Cure, followed by Britney Spears, followed by “Rock Lobster” by the B52s, followed by Good Charlotte (stab), followed by some Talking Heads, and so on and so forth. It was kind of strange.
We just got home a little while ago, and I'm still trying to digest the deep-fried Oreos (yes, you read that correctly) that I ingested before going on the big roller coaster one last time. Oy. I need sleep. and to brush my teeth.

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