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One thing that I'm really loving about the weather starting to cool down is that I can now eat oatmeal for breakfast and not feel like I'm going to have a heat stroke. I bought these fancy varieties of Quaker Oatmeal at the store awhile back and I'm finally getting to enjoy them. Right now I'm feasting on some Banana Bread oatmeal and feeling all good inside.
I know that it's probably in poor taste to joke about what day it is, but I think they should have held off on the demolition for today. The occasional sound of large sections of a building collapsing are kind of unnerving.
Now, I'm just going to touch on this quickly, because it would be silly for me to ignore it altogether. I am not watching any television today, because around September 13, 2001, I had seen the films of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the plane crash in Somerset just a few miles away from me so many times that I was becoming numb to it. I resolved last year that I never wanted to see those films again because nothing could ever erase those images from my memory. Actually sitting down and watching it happen all over again just seems vulgar.
There was a program on the Discovery Channel with Thomas Friedman last night. Basically it was him being snooty to a bunch of Muslim teenagers and some crafty editing to make it look like he was just silencing them into submission with his master debating skills. (And they say Michael Moore is a charlatan.) It was rather upsetting, as it made me realize that, even with yesterday's suicide bombing, we have yet to use the events of 9/11 as a basis of relation with the countries who dislike us. After Friedman “silenced” a young girl, who was arguing that we automatically associate the Middle East with terrorism, by telling her in a condescending tone that every time we've been attacked it's been by the Middle East (yeah, except for those funny instances when it was angry white guys from our own backyard), I changed the channel and tried not to think about it.
Another phrase that bothers me is how 9/11 “woke us up” or was “a loss of innocence.” I think there have been plenty of times where we've been forced to wake up, but we seem to keep hitting the snooze button and snuggling back under the sheets to continue breathing in our own morning breath. I wonder how long it will be and what will have to happen before the covers are whipped off of us and we will have to get up and GO TO SCHOOL.
So, I'll end this 9/11 portion of this entry by saying that my heart aches when I think about what was happening at this moment two years ago, and it aches when I think about how it didn't change the world.

Anyway, with that out of my system, I will go on to tell you all about the fascinating things that I've been up to.
Yesterday and most of the day before that was spent fielding many, many emails and IMs from the Technoir guys (those folks I wrote about for the PG). The photo shoot was scheduled for yesterday and there was a great deal of confusion. I had to keep thinking of new, clearer ways of saying, “Be at Shawn's house at 5:30. Smile nice. Get your picture taken. Get on with your life.” No matter how I said it, I kept getting emails asking, “Yes, but what do we do?” My eyebrows are now sore from being furrowed for so long.
However, the pictuer has been taken and all seems to be going well. The official run date for the article is next Thursday, the 18th. I will be sure to post a link to it on here…or, since I am so http-challenged, I will just tell you guys where in the general vicinity of the Internet the article is located and you can find it yourselves.
I've been writing this entry for over an hour. The baby and I had to go upstairs to putz (change diaper, go to the bathroom, get dressed, make the beds, put in contact lenses, brush teeth, get hurt a couple of times, the usual).
I'm definitely going to have to start getting up earlier. Right now I wake up when the baby wakes up, which lately has been around 9 a.m. That isn't too bad, but I can't seem to get anything done (besides goof off on here while he poops). I would like to start getting some exercise in and take a shower before he wakes up. I think our days would be much more productive that way.
But I do have to get going soon. I have to mail my freelance agreement to the PG, mail some stuff so I can get the rebates for my laptop, and go to Eckerd so I can pick up my prescription and some film.
That reminds me, I keep thinking of all of these classes that I want to take for my own personal enrichment, like photography and Spanish. Of course, I don't have any money to spend on classes right now, which is why I need to get a job. However, once I have a job I know that I won't have nearly enough time to work, write, spend quality time with my family, and take classes. Argh. I'm taking the job process slowly right now, anyway. I would really rather not spend money on day care if I can help it and the boyfriend's schedule is kind of wacky right now. Being broke and living with my mother is definitely not ideal, but it's what we're going to have to do for right now. I'm having to work rather hard and not feeling like a failure for that, especially since I know that there are people my age who are living with their parents for much lamer reasons.

Frivolous stuff that I just want to get off my chest:
I'm wearing this shirt that the boyfriend's mother gave to me. It's this v-neck black knit thing with 3/4 length sleeves (a little too much for today). It's very nice, but it rides up strangely on my shoulders. I don't get with the problem is. It's very irritating and I think I might have to change.
My hair needs to be trimmed.
I taught the baby how to say hola. Too cute!

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