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oh, christ

Sucky things that happened today that are not related to people dying:
-my left contact is ripped. I checked my calendar to see when I am scheduled to put in a new pair, and it's not until October 21. So I can't just toss this pair and put in a new pair a few days early. I'm wearing my glasses for the time being, which are bent and hurt and dirty. grummph.
-the demolition up the street has coated everything in my house with a layer of grime. I am not happy. It reminds me of the stories folks used to tell about clothes and houses getting filthy by lunchtime due to the air pollution from the mills. I would like to clean my room but realize that there is no point, as it will be covered in grime again in a few hours. Oh, the futility of existence.
-I woke up with some sort of sinus trouble. I can't tell right now if it's a cold, allergies, or related to the problem mentioned above. As an experiment, I've taken some Claritin D. Any minute now, one of several things will happen. I will either a) begin to feel some sweet relief, b) feel nothing, or c) realize that I have a cold which the Claritin cannot fix but will buzz around the house on a pseudoephedrine high while sneezing and leaking snot. If I have my choice, I'll take option a.
-I was getting my rebate stuff together to send to Toshiba and CompUSA when I realized that I don't have my sales receipt for my actual computer. I looked everywhere, but can't find it. I assumed that CompUSA had duped me out of a rebate and threw a small hissy fit, throwing the box for my router across the living room. The boyfriend, who's all zen-like, told me to call CompUSA. Through a very painless procedure, they told me that I would be able to get copies of my sales receipt from them no problem. Oh. Well…good. nyah.
-The baby started imitating my hissy fit, throwing the same router box onto the ground and yelling, “Dood! Wha-ever! Dood!” I'm now afraid that in one brief moment I've created a gross alpha male. I am a horrible, horrible woman.

Wow. I just felt the Claritin kick in. I'm going to go do whatever it is that speed freaks do. (insert Empire Records, Renee Zellweger, Liv Tyler reference here…”You're perfect, perfect future!” “NOTHING IS EVER FINE!!!! BLWOUIOUIUOUOUOAIUSFOJWELJR REXY YOU'RE SO SEXY!!!!!)

Why isn't there a mood icon for “unclean?” Not dirty, unclean. Answer me that.

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