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I'm not sure why I'm still up. I've spent quite some time just fiddling around LJ, perusing other people's journals. I will confess that I did one 9/11-related thing today…well, yesterday. I went through some of the journals on my friends list and looked to see what people had to write on that fateful day. And that's it. I'm done now.
I kind of pigged out on Teddy Grahams earlier and I think I got the special kind with added crack. That's why I'm all awake and goofy right now. That might also explain why the baby was being such a spaz earlier. Granted, I had him locked up in my room with me so that I could watch TV (bad mom) so that might have been a contributing factor, but still. Once he got bored with taking sips of water from his cup and spitting them on the floor, he started pulling records out of their sleeves. (I think the boyfriend is subtly trying to break up with me by accumulating so many records that eventually there just won't be any room for me. I'll just stand out on the porch, my breath fogging up the window while my family ignores my cries of “I love yooooooouuuuuuuuu!”) He settled down for a minute, but I should know better than that. I heard my nightstand drawer close and he walked over to hand me a bottle of Astroglide. “Here you go, Mum.” I can only thank whatever force is responsible for the fact that he didn't open it and proceed to make a lube-tastic mess of my bedroom. This incident, combined with the condom shopping trip, makes me think that I should get my knees sewn together and forget about sex completely. I wonder if Target sells iron underwear.

Side note: Mya, you're really not a very good dancer. I'm just letting you know. I'm watching the “Like Wo” video at the moment and the segment with the red and blue tennis outfits is just…hysterical. It's so very Mary Katherine Gallagher. It's subtle, but my trained eye can see Molly Shannon under that glamour.

About a year ago, I bought these exercise tapes with some of my tax refund. I was into them for awhile, but then got lazy. I pulled them out again today and remembered how much I enjoy them. It's this nice combination of yoga and Pilates. It's easy on my old dance injuries, but still gets me sweating and whatnot.

Another cool thing was that Shawn and Jwan told me that they're going to take me out to Soba as a thank you for all my hard work on the article. That'll be nice. I haven't been there yet.
Alright, now I'm actually tired.

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