I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

I Read A Lot of Internets

well, it's not allergies

I'm definitely just sick. This is ass. I'm at the point where I'm just sitting here with squares of toilet paper shoved in my nose because otherwise the snot just flows.
And I'm watching the worst movie right now. The Smokers. How many movies really need to be made about how crazy and fucked up rich teenagers are? I'm really not that concerned.
Line that just blared from the TV:
“Do you remember the first time a guy shoved a cock in your face?”


Bill Maher was kind of disappointing tonight. Paul Krugman was on, as well as Jesse Ventura and this conservative syndicated columnist whose name I can't remember. Krugman, I think, just sort of gave up, which was disappointing. You really can't put an economics master like that up against two morons and not expect his brain to dissolve by the end of it. Ventura was just being an idiot and he was wearing this disgusting leather jacket with FRINGE. God help me, lots and lots of fringe. And turquoise and…bleh. Just bad.
Then Liz Phair was on via satellite and just acted dumb and whiny. “Ehhhh, making music is haaarrrd and like, I'm, like, not rich, and like, downloading music is baaaaaad, waaaahhh.”

Oh, word, the girls in this movie are playing field hockey now. Dude, boarding school must be such a trip. Not.

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