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Ok, we have lots to cover, so let's get started…

Oh, my, I haven't done a proper update in days. The past few days have been quite busy, filled mostly with celebration over the success of The Article. Thursday night was Technoir's performance at Havana. I had much fun. I actually got dressed up for the occasion, make up and everything. The manager at Havana, Jason, declared that I would get complimentary drinks for the evening. It was very nice of him but, as you may or may not know, I am a lightweight. After my first complimentary drink I was already getting kind of goofy. Shawn bought me a Grey Goose martini (*passes out*), and while that was sitting there waiting for me to drink it a few people set their drinks down in front of me to watch for them. So, at one point I had five drinks in my possession. Not a flattering image. and and I spent a good hour or so talking shit. Krush Groove was playing on the TV behind the bar, but I managed to tear myself away long enough to enjoy the actual performance. Liz and I danced our bums off. I believe Adam Ratana took a picture of me attempting to imitate the dancers in the Sean Paul videos. I think I mostly succeeded at making a weird face. I also spent some time meandering through the crowd telling various folks about how much of a lightweight I was. Afterward, I stood outside trying to make a joke about what a disappointment the hurricane was. I was attempting to quote , who called it “Hurricane Isn'tbel,” but it kept coming out, “Yeah, this is Hurricane It'snotabell…you know, because it's, like, not, like, a big deal, so it's not, like, a bell…you know?” Dumbass.
This will have to be continued…my baby has a situation in his pants.

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