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In order to set up this scene in your head, it's important to know that last night the boyfriend and his boyfriends went to play some basketball. He sprained his ankle. Tonight, as part of his birthday present, we are going to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. His grandmother just called and offered up a suggestion.
Grandmother: “Kelly?”
Me: “Yeah?”
Grandmother: “It's just me.”
Me: “Okay.”
Grandmother: “I was just thinking that maybe he (the boyfriend) could take one of our walkers to the concert tonight.”

Me: “Uh, *snicker* okay, I'll ask him.”
The very thought of the boyfriend walking into a rock concert with a walker was too much for me. Various jokes can be derived from this, some of them being about how, since he's turning 24 on Thursday, he's just not as spry as he used to be, or just picturing someone with a walker in the standing-room-only section of the Mellon Arena trying to emulate Anthony Kiedis' fancy footwork. I nearly peed my pants.
Anyway, today's been pretty poop. Rain and general crappiness and an insane amount of mess in the kitchen. Of course, all of that is on top of my crazy baby and my invalid boyfriend.
Make note of my current music. I can't remember where the boyfriend found these, but they're pretty interesting to listen to. Yardies brighten up my day. I will send them to you if you're interested.
“Where's my shotgun?”

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