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I hate banks

I'm convinced that PNC is just making their own withdrawals and deposits just to mess with my head and send me into cold sweats when I check my balance online every five minutes. I have three bills that I have to pay, like, yesterday but I'm afraid to actually pay them because I'm not sure exactly how much money is in my account. Today alone a mysterious withdrawal of $30 was made and filed under “Miscellaneous Check Card Purchase.” Oh, really? Tell Miss Cellaneous to give me my goddamned money back before MasterCard comes here to collect the baby for payment.
In other money news, I was hoping to receive my paycheck from the PG today, but no such love.

Anyway, ever since I had The Cold, my ears have been continually popping and clogging up. I don't get it. It's very annoying.

Oh and re: last night's flailing and screaming post…I was just at the end of a long, blah weekend. We went to Brookline to visit the boyfriend's family in honor of his birthday last week. That in and of itself wasn't bad, but you know when you go to visit relatives and after about two hours you just start thinking to yourself, “I want to be home right this instant.” I was getting that. Then when we finally did get home and put the baby to bed, I was all set to relax in front of the boob tube and await Bill Maher's show. When I turned on the TV, however, post-game Steelers analysis was on and the boyfriend wanted to watch it. Augh. Watching the actual game really doesn't bother me. Analysis of football just doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, it's football. Nothing different will ever happen. So I did what any mature woman would do…I started whining until he let me change the channel. So that's what that whole little tantrum was about.
Bill Maher, by the way, was pretty good last night. The panel was Aaron Magruder, Michael Moore, and Charles Barkley. I've noticed, however, that Mr. Maher doesn't let them talk very much. I guess it is his show but if you're going to have guests let them complete a thought.

Other pointless news: I shaved my legs on Saturday. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to you but I hardly ever shave. I just don't care. So when I do I tell everyone like it's some kind of magic trick. “Look, Ma, no hair!”

Alright, I have to change the kiddo and put him down for a nap.

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