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So, I was thinking today that I haven't done a sex filter post in a few days. I'm happy to inform you that last week was a very fulfilling week. We rendezvoused twice which was just enough to keep me glowing. Both times were initiated by the Mister and required no cajoling on my part. No extreme acrobatics as the sprained ankle was still bothering him, which was fine since the recent chill in the air has made me reluctant to leave the warmth of the covers until a sufficient sweat has broken. I've also noticed that he's been flirting with me a lot more, which makes me even happier.
I can't put my finger on what gets to him from time to time that causes him to not want to bump uglies, but it seems to come in cycles which leads me to one conclusion: The Man Period. I've read before that men go through hormonal phases as frequently if not more frequently than women do. I'm thinking that at certain points during the month the Mister has a Man Period. While no maxi pads are required, he's just generally not feeling sexy. I can related. Good god can I relate.
Speaking of periods, mine is next week, so I'm going to be pushing for at least one more rendezvous in the next few days to tide me over. I used to not mind Sloppy Period Sex, but now it just generally bothers me. Extra laundry and whatnot. And that blood seems to get in the darndest places. When Tom and I first got together, I started my period right when we were ready to start doing the deed. In some weird twist of fate it became the longest period I ever had: 13 days. I thought we were going to lose our minds. I think somewhere around day 10 we said “fuck it” and just armed ourselves with towels and damp washclothes.
My, this has been a descriptive entry, eh?
Well, I'm off to pretty up. I'm hoping for a bonus rendezvous this evening.

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