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I had much more to say yesterday but apparently fate and my touchpad didn't think I should say it. But to sum up what you missed, I'm feeling much better. My Mama Meltdown eventually faded enough so that I could get back to the important things in life, ie, calling the PG and asking them to pay me. Yeah, that was a trip. I got transferred back and forth between the payroll department and the cashier about six or seven times. At the end of it all I still don't have a paycheck coming to me. Very annoying. No one seems to know what's going on and that concerns me.
But I can't think about it too long because my back hurts. It's That Time of the Month, and despite the Patch's best efforts to quell any negative side effects of menstruation I am still a tad cranky. It's not nearly as bad as the periods that I had before this, but still crampy and whatnot.
Kind of an irritating day. My mom is getting new windows installed in a few of the rooms here, which is good because it was cold as all hell last winter and our heating bill was outrageous. The guys that are here doing the deed are very nice and professional but the baby's all fascinated with them and won't take a nap. grunt. They're also listening to the country station so most of what I've been hearing today is:
*hammer hammer* twang twang twang
*hammer hammer* honkyTONK
*hammer hammer* Know when to hold 'em

I do not like.

I feel like I've been very neglectful of my journal and that makes me feel bad. The fact that I can't seem to find 10 or 15 minutes to myself over the past few weeks is upsetting. On a related note, I know that I've been very bad about responding to comments that you lovely people leave for me. It's nothing personal. My brain is just mush.

I have to go lie down. Back pain.

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