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So I started this long entry last night about how wacky my day was yesterday, but it seems irrelevant now. Just draw your own conclusions when I tell you that my debit card is sitting at the Pottery Barn on Walnut Street and that my boyfriend had to refill his gas tank twice yesterday. At least there was cake at the end of it.*
I am upset this evening, kiddies, and I'll tell you why. I wrote this article for Pulp this week:
In exchange for writing the article, the artistic director of the company was nice enough to give me two comp tickets for tonight's performance, which starts at 5 p.m. I was really looking forward to going because the dancing seemed really interesting. Besides, who can resist a sitar? ;-p All of this took place about two weeks ago, and I had the whole babysitting thing squared away with my mom.
Last night, my mom's friend, Nora, who I generally don't like, took her out to some bar to celebrate. Apparently, they met some guys who are cameramen for ESPN and offered them passes to stand on the sidelines at tonight's Pitt football game. I'm not going to comment on how sleazy all of this sounds, because the point of all this isn't to talk shit on my mother and her friend. The rub is that the game starts at 6, which means my mom can't watch my son. She informed of all of this around 2 p.m., essentially cancelling my plans for me. I made a desperate attempt at finding a last minute babysitter with the boyfriend's mother, but she can't either.
I expressed some frustration with my mother for just cancelling the plans that we had made weeks ago and she responded with, “Don't try to make me feel guilty. I never go anywhere. You should be glad that I'm getting out and doing something,” thereby turning the guilt around on me, because, goddammit, SOMEONE was going to feel guilty tonight. Otherwise, the whole day is wasted. I couldn't hide my disappointment, which made my mother angry. So I called the boyfriend at work and told him that we weren't going to be attending the performance. He got angry at me AND my mother, which seemed like a perfectly logical reaction (not), and declared that he did NOT want to sit at home all night, so he was just going to stay at work until late. So now it's just me and the baby for tonight, which I guess is a good thing anyway since I have plenty of writing to do. On the other hand, it's just me and the baby for tonight, which probably means that I won't get any writing done and then be too exhausted for anything brain-related after he goes to bed. Bugger.
I'm quite upset with everyone's reaction and displays of pent-up frustration in my general direction. I've been quite teary and have been sitting here thinking, “Well, what did I do? Why's everyone all pissy with me.” I'm also upset that the two tickets will now go to waste, as it's such short notice and no one can take them.
It also doesn't help that I heard from Stacey in the first time in WEEKS today, and it was to invite me to some event at her grandmother's nursing home. the fuck? I'm a tad disappointed in her, as I'm always inviting her to fun cultural things, which she declines in order to go drinking with her masseuse friends. When she finally calls me it's to go hang out at a nursing home. I explained to her that I was sans babysitter and she asked, “Are you sure?” like I was turning my nose up at the event of the year. Who knows? Maybe it'll be bangin'. Oh well.
Another thing that doesn't help is the bonus load of Period Laundry** that I've had to do today. Yesterday, when I rolled out of bed and noticed that I had stained the sheets for the second night in a row, I exclaimed, “Golly, it sure is fun being 13 again!” I'm not sure what the problem is this particular month, but I've left my womanly mark on almost everything in this house. K, that's gross, sorry.
On the upside, I had a rather pleasant interview with an artist who is working with this organization called SALVO (you can read all about it in my article next week). We met at Emma's for coffee and talked about everything under the sun. She had a very loud laugh that silenced the place on more than one occasion, and had a very Molly Shannon/Sally O'Malley vibe about her, which I really dug. I also had a cute little phone conversation with aka my CD pimp this afternoon. She told me a funny story about our friend Jwan and his admiration of my son. Sigh. I'm glad she's my pimp.
I should get some work done.

*It was my mom's birthday yesterday.
**Period Laundry is the extra laundry that a girl has to do during that certain time of the month when blood finds itself on panties, sheets, pants, towels, etc. For girls on the go, like myself, the extra pre-treating steps are a pain. Also, at almost-25, I feel rather old to be doing this. Shouldn't I have a handle on the pad/tampon situation by now? One would think…

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