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Sorry to leave you guys hanging like that. I'm currently slaving away over an article but I know some of you are quite curious about my cryptic post from yesterday. I'm going to take an easy way out, for now, and post the AIM conversation between and me. I will post a more thorough update later. Ciao for now.

whimpysmom (12:48:21 PM): in a nutshell
whimpysmom (12:48:36 PM): tom's mom and grandmother came over last night to watch kingston so that we could go to a movie
whimpysmom (12:48:41 PM): i fandangoed tickets
VixenContrdction (12:48:49 PM): uh huh.
whimpysmom (12:49:04 PM): and i have an account all set up with my bank card on fandango
whimpysmom (12:49:28 PM): however, i left my bank card at pottery barn on friday, but have been using the card that my mom has since it's a joint account
whimpysmom (12:49:40 PM): but i didn't realize that the numbers on the cards were different
VixenContrdction (12:49:48 PM): ugh.
whimpysmom (12:50:10 PM): so when we got to loews last night, i went to get the tickets and the woman at the desk informed me that the card info wasn't correct.
VixenContrdction (12:50:21 PM): oh shit
whimpysmom (12:50:25 PM): so i tried to just purchase tickets but the 10:30 show was sold out
VixenContrdction (12:50:31 PM): aw man
VixenContrdction (12:50:37 PM): for kill bill?

whimpysmom (12:50:39 PM): so i went over to tom and lauren to tell them what happened
whimpysmom (12:50:40 PM): yeah
whimpysmom (12:50:55 PM): and to try to figure out if we wanted to wait around for the 11:45 show
whimpysmom (12:51:45 PM): see, lauren had cash that we could use to pay for more tickets and then we could just redeem the fandango tickets next weekend for something else
whimpysmom (12:51:55 PM): but i couldn't get that far in my explanation
whimpysmom (12:52:06 PM): because tom storms over to the guest services desk
whimpysmom (12:52:17 PM): and lets loose this stream of obscenities that i've never heard before
whimpysmom (12:52:20 PM): it made me ill
VixenContrdction (12:52:23 PM): oh no!
VixenContrdction (12:52:31 PM): jesus
VixenContrdction (12:52:35 PM): FUCKING MEN
whimpysmom (12:52:40 PM): the whole theater stopped and was silent and just listened to tom cuss at this poor woman
VixenContrdction (12:52:40 PM): argh
whimpysmom (12:52:56 PM): and i'm standing a few feet away screaming “TOM TOM STOP IT RIGHT NOW”
VixenContrdction (12:53:03 PM): omg
whimpysmom (12:53:23 PM): but he leaves, security AND the homestead police are called, because for all they know he's drunk or something
whimpysmom (12:53:33 PM): and i'm standing there bewildered
VixenContrdction (12:53:38 PM): holy shit
whimpysmom (12:53:46 PM): i went over to the woman and apologized
whimpysmom (12:53:56 PM): and she was relatively nice about the whole thing
whimpysmom (12:54:30 PM): then we go outside and tom is surrounded by the manager, a police officer and a security officer
whimpysmom (12:54:58 PM): and he's sounding like some crotchety old dood and saying how he's a dissatisified customer and all of this bullsht
VixenContrdction (12:55:11 PM): omg
whimpysmom (12:55:15 PM): and basically the manager said that's too bad but that we're not welcome back at loews
VixenContrdction (12:55:27 PM): all of you?
whimpysmom (12:55:34 PM): then the police officer, for no apparent reason, turns around and starts cussing at lauren
VixenContrdction (12:55:41 PM): OMG
VixenContrdction (12:55:48 PM): that's real professional
whimpysmom (12:56:24 PM): and she says something like “fuck you” and i'm standing there silent thinking “this isn't happening, this is not happening”

whimpysmom (12:57:01 PM): so all of a sudden we leave, and we're walking briskly back to the car and some fucking teenagers, totally unrelated to the incident, stop and start harrassing me
whimpysmom (12:57:37 PM): they're like, “what's up, white bitch? you're fucking ugly, get the fuck out of my face blahblahblah”
VixenContrdction (12:57:39 PM): what??!!
what did they do?
VixenContrdction (12:57:45 PM): OMG
VixenContrdction (12:57:54 PM): then what happened?
whimpysmom (12:57:58 PM): and i thanked whatever god that i wasn't armed
whimpysmom (12:58:23 PM): gave them the finger and walked to the car. thankfully they left me alone, because i was mostly worried that tome was going to drive off and leave us there
whimpysmom (12:58:43 PM): it was unbelievable. like for a half hour last night society just totally broke down
whimpysmom (12:59:03 PM): so we get in the car. and things are silent for a minute and then tom starts
whimpysmom (12:59:05 PM): bitching
VixenContrdction (12:59:06 PM): i'm so sorry.
whimpysmom (12:59:27 PM): and we get in this humungous argument over economics, existentialism and white privilege
whimpysmom (12:59:36 PM): because we're overeducated dorks
whimpysmom (12:59:52 PM): and i silenced tom with my amazing philosophical skills
whimpysmom (1:00:08 PM): but then we get home and the baby's up even though it's 11 p.m.
VixenContrdction (1:00:19 PM): man. guys can really just be so.. god i don't even know.
VixenContrdction (1:00:23 PM): good for you!!
whimpysmom (1:00:24 PM): and my mom, tom's mom, his grandmother and kingston are all in my room
whimpysmom (1:00:40 PM): and he starts telling them about how he got ripped off and blahblab
VixenContrdction (1:01:23 PM): what?!!??

whimpysmom (1:01:29 PM): and so i, with his family and mine to support me, told him that regardless of the situation, that kind of behavior was UNACCEPTABLE and that if i wanted that kind of bullshit, i would go live with my father or his father, because they both acted exactly like that
VixenContrdction (1:01:55 PM): nice!
VixenContrdction (1:02:03 PM): at least you had backup
whimpysmom (1:02:07 PM): yeah.
whimpysmom (1:02:30 PM): i went on this long rant about how abusive patterns repeat and that i know that he doesn't want to turn out like his father
VixenContrdction (1:02:48 PM): yeah
VixenContrdction (1:02:54 PM): so was he responsive?

whimpysmom (1:02:58 PM): and that, existentialism again, he has to CHOOSE not to be like that because it's in his blood to just do that
whimpysmom (1:03:13 PM): he still went on about the money and we more or less ignored him
VixenContrdction (1:03:15 PM): absolutely
VixenContrdction (1:03:30 PM): gah. do you think he heard you though?
whimpysmom (1:03:34 PM): but i can tell that he feels really bad about it today
VixenContrdction (1:03:46 PM): that's good.
whimpysmom (1:03:51 PM): he's like real apprehensive aroudn me
whimpysmom (1:03:59 PM): and tries to make jokes about it
whimpysmom (1:04:17 PM): but i just tell him that it's not funny
whimpysmom (1:04:20 PM): at least not yet
VixenContrdction (1:04:33 PM): yeah.
whimpysmom (1:04:39 PM): i mean, i know him, and i know that he'll always insist that his rant was justified.
VixenContrdction (1:04:48 PM): yeah
whimpysmom (1:04:51 PM): but it's not even the real issue at hand
VixenContrdction (1:04:53 PM): that's so exhausting
whimpysmom (1:04:58 PM): my concern is with his behavior
whimpysmom (1:05:05 PM): at least toward me and kingston
whimpysmom (1:05:26 PM): i asked him if he would go off like that at me for something
whimpysmom (1:05:38 PM): and he was like no it's different and i asked him how do i know that?
whimpysmom (1:06:03 PM): if he's willing to flip out on a perfect stranger over 30 bucks, what will happen when/if he and i have serious problems
VixenContrdction (1:07:09 PM): yeah
VixenContrdction (1:07:14 PM): ugh
whimpysmom (1:07:27 PM): so i think that really hit home with him

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