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I started this entry last night, but due to LJ being weird and a minor screw-up on my part, it was lost and I didn't have the energy to start over. So here it is…
Yesterday was quite refreshing after the long and infuriating weekend, although I did actually end up putting in a full eight hours of work, what with writing articles, interviews, phone calls, and emails. My son was an absolute angel yesterday which made things much easier. Besides that, many pleasant things happened yesterday, not the least of which was a very sweet e-card that Jwan sent me, wishing me a good day after said infuriating weekend. The card was “Six Wishes to Brighten Up Your Day.” They were: A sunny drive in the country, the winning lottery ticket, a week on a tropical beach, nothing but green lights, a visit from a good friend, and more wishes. The great thing was that some of them actually came true…sort of. It's not the winning lottery ticket, but I finally cleared up the paycheck mess with the PG. I'm going to be getting my paycheck by the end of the month. Best of all, came to visit and was bearing sushi! Yum, asparagus rolls, cucumber and avocado rolls, and inari, which I hadn't tried before. It was a short visit, but satisfying. After I sent off another article to Pulp, we watched Oprah and laughed at how stupid the Hilton Sisters and Jessica Simpson were. The baby woke up from his nap and promptly started flirting with Cara, who is now known as “Carrot.”
My mom, unfortunately, had a bad day at work which meant that she was crabby with us when she got home, despite my best efforts to cheer her up. I hate when I ask her what's wrong and she just snaps at me, “NOTHING!” I guarantee you that in a few weeks we'll have some argument and she'll accuse me of never letting her talk to me about her problems. I can't win, I tell ya.
Last night, we finally put an end to the Kill Bill debacle when we went to see it at the Squirrel Hill Theatre. Apparently, Akil owed the boyfriend some money so he paid for us to go. The movie itself was pretty good, entertaining at least. I don't know. I just like watching Kung Fu movies, I'm not always concerned with the story. However, some of the scenes were really quite beautiful. However, don't go to see it if you have a weak stomach. Gory doesn't even come close to describing it.
I think the next movie on our plate is Mystic River. The title reminds me of a Harlequin Romance novel, but apparently the movie is supposed to be absolutely amazing. The New York Times won't shut up about how great it is. We'll see. My Uncle Jim is looking forward to it, and he hates everything. I think we're also trying to go see Intolerable Cruelty simply because of the Coen Brothers factor. However, Catherine Zeta-Jones has been turning me off lately. I don't know why.
Blah….today is mostly about housework. I've somehow accumulated about 20 loads of laundry in the past week. I'm also trying to suppress excitement over the Eddie Izzard show tonight. Eeeee!

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