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I'm not the only one who needs Ginkgo Balboa

The boyfriend went to class, came home for lunch, then went to work. About 45 minutes later, he came home and got on the phone with his mom. I overheard that the electricity for the record store where he works was shut off. Ick. No money.
Then, I was in the kitchen, and he comes running through. On his way out the door he says, “I'mgoingtoavolleyballgameloveyoubye.”*

On Saturday, I'm getting a newish bed. My grandparents got a new mattress and are giving me their very nice headboard and their mattress. I don't know how old their mattress is, but it's probably younger than mine, which squeaks and creaks all over the place.

Oprah is on. Did you know that murder is the leading cause of death in pregnant women? Not only that, it's usually their husbands and boyfriends that do the killing. I believe and I discussed this before. Remember the good old days when men just left you? Now they go ahead and kill you, too. Gah.

*I realized after he left that his little sister was playing in said game.

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