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expressed some curiousity about who else was privy to all of the information about the goings on in my Holiest of Holes. I figured that I'd introduce you all to each other.
*drum roll*
And the members of 's ultra-elite sex filter are….

So there you have it. Also, I want to take this opportunity to inform everyone if this is just too much information for you, just let me know and I'll remove you from the sex filter. No big deal, at all. Seriously. :-)

See, what's happening right now is that Tom is downstairs talking to Jwan. When he gets up here he's going to eat some candy, watch some TV, and probably irritate me with some minutiae of his personality. Then he'll cuddle up for sleep a few minutes after I do, halfheartedly rub up against me, then pass out. And before I pass out, I'll think, “Fucking hell.” I'll probably have some hot sex dream, but will be disappointed in the morning when I realize that it wasn't real. Gah.
Also, I've been listening to Jill Scott a lot recently, and that song “The Way” drives me absolutely mad. I think that, at least for the duration of this minor ebb, I should stop listening to that song. I'm apt to screw everything in sight whenever the chorus comes in.
You know what's really mind-boggling? I wore some stockings, garters and whatnot last night for the performance and he barely ogled me. I was shocked. I can remember very distinctly wearing those once before, putting his hand on my leg to let him know that they were there, and he instantly got hard. Now, he doesn't seem to care. No matter, I'm going to buy some more because they're quite comfy.
I just asked Jwan if he thought that Tom was gay. I think Jwan's seriously starting to wonder himself. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, of course. I just don't think you should have a girlfriend at the same time. Yeesh.
Enough rambling. Good night.

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