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Last night, the boyfriend, the baby, and I went to his mom's house for dinner. We do this usually around once a week, but the difference this time was that his dad was in town for a visit. The boyfriend's parents had a not-so-nice divorce, but are friends now. Despite this, I was nervous. When I first met the boyfriend's dad, I was about 3 or 4 months pregnant. He was very cold to me at that first meeting and I later found out that it was because he thought that I was ruining the boyfriend's life. I was very civil to him that first time, but he stared me down and barely said a word to me. You know me, Vagina Dentata. My only goal is to destroy innocent men with my disarmingly cute offspring. I am She-Wolf. I will break your male spirit, devour it. I will wear your testicles around my neck on a chain that I will make you buy for me. I will steal all of your money, because it is known that women control 90% of the wealth in America*. But I digress. This was the second or third time that I've seen the boyfriend's dad since then, and I was relieved that he seems to not hate me anymore. Not that it matters if he does or not, but it definitely made for an uncomfortable vibe during that first meeting. I'm not trying to argue over the inequalities between men and women when I'm just trying to eat some stew. We actually had civil conversation and even joked around a little bit. Nice.
Anyway, onto other, happier things. The boyfriend and I talked briefly today about a Quaker marriage ceremony. If you didn't know, Pennsylvania is a Quaker state, so any resident of PA can legally be married in a Quaker ceremony. The reason that we're looking into this option is because neither the boyfriend nor I associate with any organized religion. We were both raised Catholic, but we wouldn't feel comfortable fudging our way through the marriage classes and the ceremony just to adhere to the traditions of our families. It just wouldn't be right or honest, and really, if you marry under those sorts of circumstances what hope do you have? The thing that we like most about the Quaker ceremony is that no one officiates. The couple marries each other. You can read more about it here if you're interested: http://www.danddhitchin.u-net.com/Quakers/Qmar.htm
I don't know if that's what we'll definitely do. Not surprisingly, I have visions of a traditional ceremony stuck in my head and I can just hear the crap that my mother, grandmother, etc. are going to give me about this. “A QUAKER ceremony? That's ridiculous. Peckpeckpeckpeckpeck…” *shudder*
Oh, and, you didn't miss anything. We're not officially engaged. We were just throwing around ideas.
So…yeah, the weather's pretty crappy today, but the we took a walk anyway. One good thing about this cold snap is that it seems to have killed off any remaining yellow jackets. Fuckers. We stopped into Starbucks because one of the girls who works there is pregnant and my baby always flirts with her. We chatted for a little bit. She's due on Thanksgiving, which is right around the time that I was due. But, I told her, I went two weeks over just for fun. I think I unintentionally freaked her out a bit. Sorry Starbucks Mom.
Duuuhhh, I don't know what else. Oh, Gerber graduates Fruit Juice Snacks should be renamed as Toddler Crack.

*That last gem is compliments of my dear old dad, who was in the midst of a misogynist rant inspired by his divorce settlement with my mother. For the record, I looked at my bank statement today and it said $27.96. Yeah, I'm the fucking Sultan of Brunei.

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