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oh, yeah…

As per 's suggestion, I switched my default icon to that happy-go-gory picture that you see above. It's in honor of Halloween, of course. The story behind that picture is a nice one. My birthday, if you didn't already know, is on Halloween. A few years ago, three to be exact, a legendary store called the Eye of Horus was closing down and as their last hurrah were having this all-night/rave/Halloween/generally weird costume party. I went dressed as Carrie, hence the blood and froufy pink dress. surprised me with a birthday cake, which was quickly devoured by all of the freaks present. See for yourself:

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Holding the cake is my ex-boyfriend. He smelled really bad. I don't know how to explain my pose. To the right of me is my dear friend Ike. He was wrapped in tin foil and was posing as a robot.

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I don't know who that guy is eating some cake. I look uncomfortable, don't I? Probably coming to the sad realization that I was only going to get that shitty little piece of cake while those other ingrates were going to get all the good icing bits.

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