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my pumpkins

Before I show you the pictures, let me explain a little something about my “digital camera.” Last year, the boyfriend gave me an Archos Multimedia Jukebox and it came with a camera attachment. I can take digital pictures with it, but it doesn't have a flash and I don't think the pixelage is even anywhere near “mega” territory. So I had to take the pictures outside and since I was in the sun, I couldn't really see what I was taking. That's why they're kind of crooked and…sucky. Anyway…

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I know this is kind of fuzzy, due to the close-up, but the price of this particular pumpkin was $3.14. It's Pumpkin Pi! Ha! I kill me.

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This one is just sort of a smiley face.

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What the smiley face will look like when it's fully displayed and lit up.

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Spider pumpkin.
Edit: note the ladybugs on these last two pumpkins. Total infestation over in my neck of the woods. At least they don't sting.

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Witch on a broomstick. (No offense to any real witches/Wiccans/etc. who are reading this and think that I'm buying into a stereotype. I just thought that it looked cool.

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