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Today's theme is…

Smashing the Mum! So far today, my son has:
-closed the front door on me while I was out grabbing the newspaper
-closed the back door on me while I was waving good-bye to the boyfriend
-slammed a cupboard door on me while I was putting some breakfast stuff away
Right now, he's in his crib and I'm preparing to go get a shower.
I'm a little cranky today because the boyfriend came home after I had already gone to sleep, then proceeded to eat pretzels in bed, snap the covers off of me every five seconds to brush the salt and crumbs off of the sheets, and inform me that the pumpkin seeds had not been baked long enough. All of this occurred while he watched Point Break, the movie in which Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves scream “NOOOOOOO!” and “FUCCCCKKKKK!” and “FBIIIIIIIIIIII!” at each other for two hours. I was not pleased.

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