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'tis going well, so far

I am 25 today. Holy crap. All I can think of right now is that line from Singles:
“Somewhere around 25 'bizarre' becomes…'immature.'” Time is now up for me to be bizarre, at least according to Bridget Fonda, and I'm also older than some of the characters from movies that I saw during my formative early teen years.
Anyway, my mom's present to me (besides staying home from work today and waking up with the baby) was having my PG article, correction and all, matted and placed in a very nice frame. The baby, via my mom, gave me a glass paperweight that says “MOM” on it. The boyfriend gave me the first season of Twin Peaks on DVD. Very nice gifts.
My dad sent me this beautiful card yesterday that was kind of gushy but made me burst into tears immediately. I'm such a wimp.
My mom just left to go pick up my grandparents and my aunt, then we're having dinner and cake and whatnot over here. I'm not sure what we're doing tonight.

It's a beautiful day today. My mom says that it was just like this the day that I was born.
I love Halloween, and I love the fact that my birthday gets to be today. I wish it was like this every day.

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