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I've consumed so much…stuff today. I think my stomach is going to burst. I just had beer, which is making me feel especially bloated.\
I was only drunk for about ten minutes this evening, and the extent of my goofiness was when people would wish me Happy Birthday, I would wish them the same.\
The boyfriend's mother: “Happy Birthday, Kelly!”\
Me: “Oh, thanks. Happy Birthday to you.”\
TBM: “Uh, no, it's just your birthday today.”\
Me: “Oh, right. *snort* I'm stupid.”\
The boyfriend's grandmother: “Happy Birthday, Kelly!”\
Me: “Oh, thanks. Happy Birthday to you.”\
TBG: “Uh, thanks.”\
Me: “Oh, wait, it's…nevermind.”\
We went to Projekthaus for Pseudo-Sauce. wins the Best Sport Award for gladly entertaining me and by skating back and forth while we sat on the couch and laughed. Also spotted: , , and (who I didn't know was an LJ user. Fancy that.\
Anyway, the baby's costume was a huge success. I don't know if I told you guys, but he went as Hunter S. Thompson. He looked so funny and he managed to really get into character. He must have been in here watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while the boyfriend and I were asleep. I took plenty of pictures so hopefully I'll be able to put them up here in a day or two.\
Alright, I'm very tired.

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