I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

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I think I'm going to pull a Jessica Simpson with this laundry and just throw it over the huge staircase of my palatial mansion hire someone else to do it with my millions buy new clothes whenever mine get dirty pee on them. Then sing a shitty song about my husband's huge wang and how I'm, like, so totally not a virgin anymore…cause, you know, I waited until I was married to do the deed and I'm, like, the first person to EVER do that.\
Actually, I'll probably just do it…but I'm not going to like it.\
I mean, really, I shouldn't have to do laundry. I'm important! See the cell phone?!?!\
Right now, me and the babe are snacking on some pita while I cool down. I had forgotten what 76 degrees feels like and went out for a walk in a very warm shirt. I thought I was going to pass out. This last burst of Indian (Native American?) Summer is doing a number on my wardrobe choices.\
I'm feeling better now, though. I'm going to go give my kid some actual lunch.\
Then I'll be back to tell you about…stuff.

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