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That had to be the messiest dinner that the baby has had since he started solid foods. Good lord. It wasn't so much that stuff went everywhere but there were just an absurd number of peas and pieces of fish in his chair and on the floor. I don't think he ate much. After I had cleaned all of that up and was putting stuff away into the fridge, I started thinking about how I miss breastfeeding. Feeding him was blissfully easy for a few months. Now it's complicated and, at times, annoying. Oh, well, there's really no point dwelling on it and getting sad now is there?\
Anyway, I'm not sure if I replied to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I received so many emails and LJ comments, it was pretty overwhelming. So I want to send out a big thank you to everyone who did. It was very sweet of you.\
Yesterday, and came over for the Carnivale marathon. 9 straight hours of watching TV. It was a little intense. They were sweeties and brought me a birthday present: Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. Rawk. After they went home the boyfriend and I (attempted to) watch U-Turn, which is one of several movies that we borrowed from a friend. I found it incredibly boring and tiresome, which might explain why I fell asleep halfway through. The boyfriend liked it, though. Jennifer Lopez was in it and was looking generally much better than she does now. However, I suppose since I didn't see it in 1997 and saw it now that Ms. Lopez is kind of…weird, I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have.\
Perhaps I'll write more later. Right now I have to go read The Cat in the Hat….again.

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