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I'm a little annoyed with my neighborhood

Does someone want to explain the broken beer bottles and piles of dog shit that have been scattered all over my street for the past few days? I've rolled the stroller through both and I'm none too happy. Plus, the dog shit, having been strolled on and stepped on has dried and split and revealed the hairballs, carpet fibers, and its other unsavory ingredients. Then, of course, I encountered a man in his 40s who was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and drinking iced tea. His behavior and speech led me to believe that he was not all there. He stopped when he hear the stroller squeaking up behind him and turned to wait for me, which was very nice but, really, quite unnecessary. We then had the following conversation…\
Don Ho: “Beautiful day, huh?”\
Me: “Oh, yes. It's wonderful.”\
Don Ho: “Hey, are you Irish?”\
Me: “Uh, yeah…well, I'm not from there.”\
Don Ho: “I'm Irish, too.”\
Me: “Oh…good.”\
Don Ho: “Well, I'm actually Italian, Irish and French, but the best parts of me are Irish. Haha.”\
Me: “Well, that's nice.”\
Don Ho: “Yeah. Hey! March 17th, right?”\
Me: …\
Don Ho: “That's the day, huh?”\
Me: “Oh, right. Well, have a nice day.”\
Kinda strange.\
Anyway, I did go to vote. However, , there were no Green Party options. Sadly. \
This happens to me more and more. I start an entry and then halfway through it I completely forget everything that I was going to write about. I hate that.\
I bought Ginkgo Biloba today, so we'll see if that helps…that is, if I can remember to take it. It's always fun to experiment with supplements that aren't approved by the FDA.

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