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This is for , who asked, “What's up with your new user pic?” The source and story behind it are as follows:\
title or description\
That's me at this house that I used to live in with . It was in Squirrel Hill and while it was rather dumpy is still my most favoritest place that I've ever lived. In this picture, it is the year 2000 and I am in the midst of hosting a Halloween party called “Drunk O'Lantern.” As per tradition, all of the alcohol at the party was combined in one of those plastic trick-or-treating cauldrons to create the annual Lantern Mix and passed around. I'm taking a rather large gulp. I know you can't see it, but my liver is screaming, “NOOOOOOOOO!” Not long after this picture was taken, some party pooper threw up in the Lantern Mix.\
I know it's passe, but I was just thinking that maybe I should start a weekly “Ask Kelly” session. All of other cool kids on LJ do it.\

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