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I Read A Lot of Internets

I'm pinching my eyebrow with a staple remover

My internet was all messed up today. So annoying. No connection until maybe 10 minutes ago. Last night I took all of the communities that I belong to off of my friends list because I was noticing that I was spending close to an hour reading stuff about Eddie Izzard and Carnivale when I should be, you know, accomplishing things. I'm in the midst of working on an article for Pulp and it's going dreadfully slow. Part of the reason may be that I'm sleepy beyond all comprehension. Last night, some tickets to the Pitt basketball game fell into my lap. We went to that with a pretty big group then stopped at this Mexican place on the South Side. Taco Loco, which was really quite good, but afterward my breath tasted and smelled like…I don't know. Something bad. (I'm also itching to try that new sushi place across the street. Nakama? Field trip!) We went home and I fell asleep rather quickly while the boyfriend watched TV. I woke up about 3 hours later because the TV was still on. I look over and he's knee-deep in Choke, the new Chuck Palahniuk novel that and gave me for my birthday. I barely had a chance to look at it. I have a real problem with people reading my books before I do and he knows this. However, he disregards it because he writes it off as me being “a fucking nutcase.” Whatever. I was further horrified to find out that he had TAKEN THE BOOK INTO THE BATHROOM WITH HIM. Ugh. Wasn't there a Sienfeld episode about that? Anyway, I tell him to turn the TV off since he's not watching it and I roll over to go back to sleep…only to find that I'm wide awake. I laid there for some time, watching my new book being devoured, then I start thinking…and thinking…and worrying…and thinking…and worrying even more. About what? Oh, everything. My lack of a driver's license. My lack of life insurance. My lack of a will. My lack of funds to hire a lawyer to draw up a will. My lack of regular employment. The boyfriend's lack of insurance. My ability to balance motherhood and a career. My ability to balance writing and a regular job. The baby's diet. Just everything. It was so annoying. I ended up spouting everything out to the boyfriend, who always manages to settle me down. (His gift of perspective is something that I will always admire.) I was awake until about 6:30 or so and slept through the alarm that I had set so that I could get up and get stuff done around the house. So right now I'm irritated with myself on several levels. My inability to lose myself in the Internet today only compounded it.\
However, I did accomplish something yesterday. I called Discover to tell them to take off these bullshit services that I had unwittingly signed up for months ago. They were costing me about $15 a month, not including interest. At that rate, I was never going to pay that card off. They tried to give me the doom and gloom, as though the second the services were turned off my credit information would be available to every escaped convict east of the Mississippi. So far, everything appears to be calm.\
Speaking of which, now that the Internet is up and running again, I'm going to go pay some bills. Yippee!

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