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For my graduation, my uncle gave me this book: Poetry Speaks\
I hadn't really read or listened to the CDs until today for whatever reason. God, I love it. I know that that military cadence is all the rage in poetry nowadays and I admire the passion of today's young poets, but sometimes I like just hearing the words and emotion and not so much how powerfully they can be delivered. It seems today that if you just yell your poem and appear out of breath at the end of it that the listeners are moved, regardless of whether or not you said anything of substance. Less is still more, kids. \
Anyway, speaking of readings, you haven't lived until you've heard Lewis Nordan read. If you're in the Pittsburgh area, you should try to find one of his fiction classes at Pitt and see if you can sit in on it one day. Same goes for Chuck Kinder.

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