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So here's the whole story…

I'll try to keep the graphic information to a minimum.\
Last night I made some very quick and easy chili with some Boca Ground Burger, some generic chili spices, kidney beans, and crushed tomatoes. It took about 10 minutes to make and I was pretty pleased with the results.\
Anyway, after the baby was in bed, the boyfriend and I went to Club Havana to hear our friends Jwan, Arnie, and Jim play some records. On the way there I was having some stomach cramps, but after a short episode of the vapors, I felt fine.\
We got to the club and I only really had one drink. We had a lot of fun while we were there. Arnie played the best set he's ever played, Jwan had everyone moving, and then Jim brought the house down with some Bill Withers, Prince, Stetsasonic, and some tasty dancehall. Everyone was dancing and sweating and feeling so good. Curt was quite intoxicated and saying some hysterical shit, like that the boyfriend was going to run for mayor of Pittsburgh some day and that during his campaign he would be saying stuff like, “Dude…that shit is wack.” He's probably right.\
When the club closed down the boyfriend said that he wanted to go over to Ed Um's for a little while to ogle his record collection. And ogle we did. Well, the boyfriend did most of the ogling while I sat in a chair with Ed's very nice cat, chatted with Ike about job search frustrations, and read some Metallica, Poison and Queen comic books that someone had left there. Did you know that all of the guys in Queen have these really impressive degrees in stuff like math and physics and one of them even has a PhD in Astronomy? I didn't. Comic books can teach you a lot. I considered stealing them but thought that might be rude.\
My stomach started to hurt again a little bit. While I was ogling a rare Dr. Alimantado record, I realized that the situation was about to become pretty dire. I told the boyfriend that we needed to leave. Now. I didn't want to do what I was about to do in Ed's bathroom…especially since there were a bunch of people in there smoking weed out of the window. We left pretty quickly and when we got home I spent over a half hour in the bathroom. Not fun. Luckily, no vomitting occurred because that really would have ruined my weekend.\
I'm feeling better today but not great. I think the reaction to what I assumed would be perfectly safe chili had something to with the fact that it's particular time of the month and frequent and long trips to the bathroom are an unfortunate but common side effect.\
Now that I've thoroughly grossed everyone out…\
I took a shower a little while ago and I'm pissed because my hair still stinks like cigarettes. Fuck smoking. I'm hoping to get my hair trimmed today so maybe the hairdresser will douse my hair in something sweet-smelling.\
Motherly duties call….

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