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As of today, the boyfriend and I have been together three years. We're doing nothing to celebrate this. Last year I bought him a romantic gushy card. Then he informed me that he no longer cares about anniversaries. So this year…zip. I did give him a kiss this morning. The terd. I'm going to remember the not caring about anniversaries bit. Next year on his birthday I'm just going to be like, “Oh, what? It's the anniversary of your birth. I don't care about anniversaries. They're meaningless. No present for you. No cake, either.”\
My hands and feet are cold.\
I am, of course, doing laundry.\
The lunar eclipse last night was cool.\
The boyfriend and I saw a shooting star. That ruled.\
I'm feeling rather domestic today, and am thinking of all of these cute things that I want to do for the baby's birthday and Christmas and whatnot.\
Alright, I need to go find some slippers.

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