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Film Kitchen: Space is the Place\
This cult classic featuring intergalactic messenger of peace-through-music Sun Ra, has become an important piece of African-American cultural literacy. Sun Ra descends from the heavens after exploring the universe in his music-powered starship. He establishes an interstellar employment agency to recruit black folks to escape from the evil Overseer by leaving Earth. Part biography, part blaxploitation flick, and part music video, the director's cut highlights Sun Ra's career. The innovative combination of social commentary and psychedelic musical space adventure captures the funkiness of the 1960s and the polemics of the counter culture. (Directed by John Coney; USA; 1974; 85min)\
Join us after the screening for local band Opec 13, who will perform live Sun Ra music from the '70s.\
\’a5 Regent Square Theater: Tue, Nov 11 @ 7:30. \
You know what sucks? We're probably not going to be able to go because the boyfriend has to drive fucking Akil to fucking Kelly's Bar so that he can play fucking records. I wasn't upset about it before because I'm starting to get used to whatever plans I have just getting cancelled for me by others. Now I'm pretty pissed about it, though.

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