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duh. Pulp this week

It's about an artsy fartsy event that's happening this weekend. Pittsburgh people, I will be there on Friday night. Come on down and mingle with me! I wrote this article in about a day while taking care of a toddler and the boyfriend. I am hardcore. (This is the part where asks me why I can't get some measly reviews to him in a timely manner if I'm so hardcore.)\
Totally unrelated, I'm getting really irritated at the month of December. See, one of the big drawbacks to an unplanned pregnancy (and this is something that Planned Parenthood won't tell you about) is that you might have your baby at a really inconvenient time. My son's birthday is December 6…19 days before Christmas. Last year's gift giving was completely insane. This year shouldn't be as bad since for his second birthday we're just doing the family thing (no big huge party with everyone we've ever met like last year). I'm starting to take a military approach to delegating the gift responsibilities and it's pissing me off. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to make the baby his own amazon.com wish list and people can just see gift suggestions on there, but don't necessarily have to buy from there. Nearly all of the people in my family over 30 are certain that if you shop over the Internet, bandits reach out of the screen and pillage your house.\
“We raped the horses…and rode off on the women!”\
Anyway, the reason for all of this is that last year, both my mom and the boyfriend's mom gave him the same toy…and there was tension that lasted right through Valentine's Day. It was so dumb. So now he gets to play with the Little People Farm here and at the boyfriend's mother's house.\
It's not that the grandmothers don't like each other, it's just that sometimes they get this weird competitive edge. I really don't understand it.\
Not to mention the fact that I can't even speak about my gift ideas to the boyfriend's mother because she has a weird tendency to steal ideas and beg ignorance. Isn't this ridiculous?\
Another thing is that the baby is still playing with most of the gifts that he got last year. I went through everything the other day and sorted out some stuff that he really doesn't play with anymore to donate to the toy library, but it was like rattles and other tiny things.\
Gah, I can't think about this anymore. Last year I suggested that we just not do gifts but everyone called me a fascist. That, of course, came from all of my staunchly Catholic relatives who whine about “the true meaning of Christmas.” How is it that I, the lapsed Catholic, am the only one who's keeping it real, so to speak?

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