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that was kind of scary

As soon as I started speaking my voice got all shaky. I hate that. Anyway, that's my nerdy voice. Hope you like it.\
Not much happened this weekend. We went to Brookline yesterday to visit the boyfriend's family. We left the baby there and went to Best Buy with the little sister so that she could get some stuff to fix her computer. I did a lot of walking around and ogling. I especially liked standing in front of things like the huge Phillips flat-screen TV, opening my arms wide, throwing my head back and saying, “ahhhhhh.” I did that five or six times. I also humped the super-hot Whirlpool front-loading washers and dryers (good for Irish washer women like myself) and the very pretty LG refrigerator. Appliances make me crazy.\
But you need to envy me because I treated myself to the Indiana Jones Trilogy DVD set. “We named the dog 'Indiana.'” Hotness.\
Back at the boyfriend's domicile, we watched The Grifters and I drank one of those Smirnoff Ice things (aka alcoholic Sprite). It gave me a tummy ache…probably because it sucks. At the time it was fun and I walked around and pretended that I was at a Pitt frat party.\
“Like, ohmygod, this is, like, better than Zima! We should, like, put Jolly Ranchers in it, cause, like, it would taste different. like. Got any e-pills?”\
I also had a quick discussion with the boyfriend's mother about Christmas presents. I told her that toys and such needed to be low-key this year and she seemed to be okay with that. Which was good. She did, however, give us what she called, “A non-religious Advent calendar.” I replied, “That's amazing, since Advent is a religious season.” It has Santa on it, which somehow makes it all better. I give up.\
I also tried to get input on the menu for the baby's birthday dinner. I was planning on making lasagna but everyone is less than enthusiastic about it. I can't please anybody.\
I need a shower…especially since I told all of you that my feet stink.

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