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you dirty mother–

I'm waiting on this guy to call me back so that I can interview him for Pulp. We've been rescheduling this damn thing all day because he's been busy setting up for a show that he's doing next week. While I can sympathize, I tend to be more than just a little pissed when people are 30 minutes late calling me back while my son is upstairs getting ready to go to bed without me (I skipped bathtime rituals so that I could sit by the phone like an ass) and Carnivale is about to come on.\
It's not like this was going to be a very in-d—\
Okay, he called me just a few minutes ago. I'm better now.\
Although, I'm still a tad annoyed that my usual Carnivale gang has ditched me for tonight. I feel friendless. :-p

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