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stupid stuff that happened today

1) I left my cell phone in my coat pocket yesterday. Shanley called me twice. I felt bad. I'm a horrible cell phone owner\
2) I went outside with the baby to take some pictures. I closed the front door so that it would be just screen door ugliness in the background of the pictures. I didn't remember until after I had closed the door that the doorknob was locked. I had locked us out of the house. Luckily, the boyfriend was home from school about 45 minutes later and it wasn't very chilly outside. Otherwise, my afternoon (and the baby's afternoon) would have sucked a whole lot more.\
3) During naptime, I was in my room, and the baby was in his crib, supposedly sleeping. I heard him chatting with his animals, but decided to leave him there in the hopes that he would drift back off to sleep. Next thing I know, I hear little footsteps scurrying down the hall. The baby had finally figured out how to climb out of his crib. I'm not sure what this means for naptime now. I'm a little concerned.\
I have a headache.

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