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Watch out, I'm all hopped up on caramel apple dip and granola bars

So, due to the baby's latest feat, we went to Babyland today and bought him a crib tent. I was a tad concerned that he would hate it, but he's pretty cool with it. He was very excited when I was assembling it and putting it on his crib. Now, he's napping peacefully and I'm in a much better mood than I was yesterday. I'm actually a little jealous of the tent, as it has that mosquito net quality and I've always kind of wanted one of those for my room.\
Our digital cable was upgraded to include On Demand yesterday. On Demand is basically a scaled-down version of TiVo and so far I really like it. I was able to watch, pause, rewind and fast forward some old episodes of Six Feet Under. They have a video channel, so last night we watched some old Bauhaus and KMFDM videos and felt goth. It ruled.\
Durrr…my train of thought derailed. Damn apple dip.

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