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So it's a little after 3 on Monday afternoon. If you haven't noticed, this is the first time that I've been able to update since Friday. Very frantic weekend but nothing productive. Saturday we went out to Brookline so that the boyfriend could visit all of his music stuff and his family could visit with the baby. After that we went out to Oakmont for their Light Up Night and so my grandparents could visit with the baby (read: so my grandmother could cluck all over him and tell me what a horrible mother I am for not wrapping him in polar fleece and astronaut gear once the temperature dips the slightest bit below 60 degrees). When we got home around 10:30, we skipped bathtime and went right to struggling with the crib tent. I was totally at my wit's end. Much crying by both mother and son. I finally gave up, gave him a big hug and kiss, and left the room. He screamed, I went into my room where my mom and boyfriend were watching TV and told them that I was headed downstairs to kill myself. Apparently they believed me, since the boyfriend showed up with a slightly concerned tone in his voice and gave me a neck rub Vulcan death pinch. I think he was just worried that I was going to do the deed before I took us out for Indian food like I said I was going to.\
Sunday was mostly about stinky men watching football while I chased after a pyschotic toddler. The best part was that he didn't take a nap at all that day and I had an article to write for Pulp. blahblahblah. I was very frustrated.\
Today was more struggles with the crib tent, but I'm happy to report that a nap is now happening.\
I'm pretty worn out and the reason I know that is because when I started this entry I had about fifteen things that I wanted to mention but now I can't remember any of them.\
Carnivale was really great this week. It had slowed down the past couple of weeks and I was getting a little concerned, but last night it really picked up again.\

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