I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

I Read A Lot of Internets


Currently: half-heartedly writing a CD review for Pulp (I don't think half-heartedly even covers it, more like every ten minutes or so I hit a key. It's taken me about 24 hours to write 100 words. I think I suck at this.)\
boiling two pots of sweet potatoes.\
doing a load of laundry (duh).\
rubbing my eyes.\
attempting to arrange a group trip to the Oaks Theater tonight to see The House of Yes.\
You know what I really like about the audio posts? When I was little, my mom had this really dear friend named Lauren and she lived in New Jersey. At the time, neither of them had long-distance on their phones (this was back in…umm…1982 or 1983?). They wrote each other from time to time but were kind of sad about the fact that they couldn't call each other on the phone whenever. So, about once a month, either my mom or Lauren would get out the tape recorder and just start talking. The tape (or tapes, as was the case on more than one occasion) was then carefully wrapped in paper towels fastened with scotch tape, dropped in a business-size envelope, marked “Fragile” and mailed to the other person. The person who received the tape would listen and then respond with their own tape. For some reason, I always thought that this was the coolest thing. \
I remember being about 3 or 4 and sitting with my mom at the dining room table while she recorded a tape. She asked me if I wanted to say hi to Lauren. Being 3, I didn't totally have a grasp on how all of this technology worked, so I began speaking to Lauren and waiting for her to respond because I apparently had confused the tape recorder with the telephone. But I loved receiving tapes from Lauren and hearing her sigh about problems with her husband and hearing her kids play in the background, the hisses and pops of the tape, and the way her voice sounded so warm.\
My mom lost touch with Lauren a long time ago, but one day last summer I was going through some old cassettes at my dad's house. I found one of those tapes from Lauren but haven't listened to it yet. After hearing these audio posts it makes me want to hear all of them and it makes me wonder if somewhere Lauren still has these tapes of my mom as a young mother and me as a toddler telling her all about what we had done that day.

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