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I know that I haven't done a proper update in days and that my last entry about the Thanksgiving Battle Royal may have made my absence seem a little suspect. Rest assured, I have not jumped off of a cliff (yet). Just trying to get stuff done now so that I might actually enjoy the baby's birthday and the holidays (stuff = bills, articles, shopping, cleaning, and the like). I have been skimming over my friends page, though, so you're all still right here with me.\
By the way, thanks everyone for all of the encouragement and noogies that you gave me after my Thanksgiving meltdown.\
Today I'm revising an article that I wrote for Pulp. I was rushed by life stuff and when I sent it in on Saturday I was very unhappy with it. It was not at all up to snuff. So today I'm focusing on doing things well rather than just getting them done. Haste makes waste and whatnot. Besides that, I'm frustrated with this article for some petty reasons, but I'll tell you all about that later.\
Now I'm actually going to go do stuff instead of just writing about it on here!\
Air kisses.

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