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I'm sort of watching Law & Order right now. The suspect is doing a pretty bad impression of Tony Montana. “I hear you de first tine.”\
My friend Jonah, aka Meat, stopped by today rather unexpectedly. The baby and I were just about to head out to run some errands, so I told Meat to come along with us. It was pretty nice, since I hadn't seen him in a really long time and he was able to hold doors for me while I navigated the stroller. We went to Eckerd, where I refilled my baby repellant prescription and picked up some lip balm for the boyfriend. Then it was off to the hardware store where I got the boyfriend a copy of the house key since he lost his some time last week. We stopped at the Thai restaurant for some cheap lunch (the baby even ate a good bit of tofu!) before heading to Hallmark.\
Now, I might have mentioned before that I was hoping to make Christmas cards for my family. However, that idea apparently is only cute when you're, say, 7. My mom kind of teased me about it, so I caved to my material-ass family and just bought them some impersonal holiday cards. Humph. I spent too much money there, though, because of the whole “every family member must specific cards from each family member” crap rule that my mom made up, which I know I've told y'all about before. For example, my mom must receive a card from the boyfriend, the baby and I as a family, one from just the baby, and one from just me. If this doesn't happen, she and my grandmother get PISSED. Dumb, I know, and someday we will find a nice insane asylum for my mom and grandmother where they can exchange redundant greeting cards and tchotchkes til the cows come home. In the meantime, I will just keep single-handedly supporting my local Hallmark.\
Anyway, Meat was nice enough to chase the baby around while I tried to coordinate the whole greeting card situation, but ended up just grabbing a bunch and resolving to figure it out when I got home. The baby kept playing with these hideous windchimes that had suns and dolphins and wolves and shit on them. I kept dragging him away from them and Meat said that I was being authoritarian. I told him that I just didn't want to have to buy one of those fucking windchimes.\
The other day I was bitching about my friend, Stacey, because she's busy with her job and whatnot and never calls me. Tonight she called me and said, “Well, Saturday I fell at work and had to go to the emergency room. Sunday I came down with the flu. Monday I got my period. I've had kind of a shitty couple of days.”\
Errrr…stuff always happens like this so that I get to feel sheepish. Gah.

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