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I say "birthday," you say "party."

The baby's birthday yesterday was quite fun. My family got here around 1:30 and then rest of my friends trickled in later on in the afternoon. The baby got so much cool stuff. I'm trying to get my energy up so that I can go through his older toys and sort out what he's too old for now. However, I'm a little drowsy and would really like to curl up on the couch and doze.\
My grandparents and cousins left pretty early yesterday buy my friends stayed well into the night. For quite awhile it was just us and the baby sitting in the living room playing with toys. As I looked around, I thought, “My kid is so lucky to be growing up around such interesting folks. All of these goofy twentysomething people, at various stages in their professions, talking about movies, discussing the virtues of Sit N Spin, and playing with Lincoln Logs.” I mean, think about when he goes to school. The boyfriend said that he's going to be so confused the first time that he goes over a friend's house and will probably say something like, “Where are all of your records? Isn't your dad a DJ?” That's why more of my friends need to have kids. Mine needs an ally in weirdness. \
The LJ vibe was strong at the 2nd Year Shindig. , , , , and were all there and all brought excellent presents. My lasagnas, by the way, were a huge hit. If I do say so myself, they turned out really yummy. Even the diet-friendly one was damn good. The baby had a lot of fun flirting with all of the girls and playing with all of his new stuff. He didn't take a nap all day, though. So around 6 p.m. he was looking really out of it. He passed right out when I started rocking him, but I took a moment to just hold him and admire him sleeping like I did that night two years ago. Just him and me, in the dark, loving each other. Perfection.\
I pulled out the photo album from when he was born and kept looking through it and thinking, “How can this teeny-tiny person be my little boy?” I want to scan some of them, especially the ones of me immediately post-op. I'm so out of it. You can tell. I'm just lying there, holding this stuffed bunny that I've had since I was about a year old, with my finger in my mouth, half-smiling. It would make a great user icon.\
Anyway, enough mom mushiness. I think I need a beverage.\
I went to bed really early. I think I read about a page and a half of my book and then just passed out.

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