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proper update in a little bit…

But first, a quiz that's actually funny. Quit groaning, I hate quizzes, too. But I couldn't pass this one up after seeing it in 's journal.\
grassroots activist
You are a Grassroots Activist. Anti-capitalist,
anti-patrist, anti-authoritarian, whatever,
you're just fuckin' anti. You probably tell
people you hate postmodernism, but that
assertion elides the complex interdependencies
among academic poststructuralism and street-
level activism. You don't bathe regularly, and
know at least one person who has scabbies.\

What kind of postmodernist are you!?
brought to you by Quizilla\
That's funny, because if I saw that guy at a protest…well, first of all, I don't go to protests, secondly I'd kick his skinny chest in…actually I'd just snicker behind his back about how his antics make the rest of us look bad…or something. I'm the anti of the anti. Word.\
Edit: I'm also anti-spelling-very-simple-fucking-words-incorrectly. What the fuck is wrong with all of the people who create quizzes at Quizilla? Sadly, the not bathing regularly part is true, but it's not my fault. On that note, I'll just say that being able to take a shower at some point this week would be the bomb.

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