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I'm trying to be very quiet and still because I want the baby to sleep a little longer. He was acting kind of sick last night (slight fever, chills, crankiness, wouldn't let me finish building my Lincoln Log ranch), so now I'm thinking that every extra minute of sleep will be beneficial. He did get a flu shot but with the little ones they only give them a partial dose. In a month, I'm supposed to call his doctor and, if there is any vaccine left (which is looking less and less likely by the day), send him in for the second dose. The boyfriend assured me that the flash of illness was probably just his immune system working with the vaccine, but I couldn't help but worry. When my kid gets sick, he gets really sick and I just can't deal with it. I'm so thankful that he doesn't have any serious illnesses. I would have to be sedated the whole time.\
Anyway, enough of that talk.\
I went to bed earlyish last night, as I've been doing this whole week. I'm trying to work the kinks out of my schedule so that I don't feel so ineffectual all the time. In addition to waking up early so that I can get things done before the baby wakes up, I'm thinking I'll also start showering at night. My hair doesn't get too psychotic if I stay up long enough to let it dry. You should see it when I just go to bed with it wet. Bride of Frankenstein, my friends…Bride of Frankenstein.\
However, with the exception of today, the baby's been waking up increasingly early, rendering my early arousals pointless. Work with me, baby! In any case, I haven't had to get too much done this week since Pulp seems to hate me and didn't give me any writing assignments. :-(\
Oh yeah, I was talking about last night…\
The boyfriend came home from taking his calculus final (I can't even type the words without getting a chill) and was rather giddy since I guess it went well. We did bedtime with the baby and then he went back out to do goofy shit with friends of ours. He said, “I'll be back in about an hour,” which, in Boyfriendese means, “I'll be back in about four hours.” I watched The Crow, listened for any hurlage or other distress from the baby's room, chatted with about sick babies and capitalism, and worked on the mix CD that I've been making for for about four months now. It's shaping up to be a bit of an anthology, as I've finished one disc and I believe there will be two more discs before all is said and done. I've finally said, “To hell with finding the perfect sequence,” and resigned myself to sending off a rather schizophrenic set of CDs that switches genres faster than Madonna. I do have a confession to make. I'm new to the whole CD making process and have fucked up several times now. I won't go into details but I know have at least two CD-Rs with big, blue Sharpie X's drawn over them containing only a Bill Withers song or two and a quote from Spaceballs. But I'm determined to finish this anthology and send it off with a holiday greeting…killing two birds with one stone.\
Anyway, as predicted, the boyfriend came home several hours later. There was miscellaneous groping and many nonsensical statements about hot dogs on my part since I was fast asleep and dreaming about Eddie Izzard when this all happened.\
On a side note, those of you looking for good birth control and are okay with taking hormones, I have to give my full endorsement to Ortho Evra, or The Patch. It seriously fucking rules and it's good for people who tend to forget things on a day-to-day basis (read: the Pill…BAD).\
Alright, this entry's been random enough, methinks, and I'm starting to get a coffee headache. I also hear some stirring coming from the baby's room. Let's hope I am greeted by a healthy toddler!

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